Spring Term in Bunny Class

Spring Term in Bunny Class. 
We have lots of exciting things happening over this term in Bunny Class including the start of our new topic which is called: 
"Whatever the Weather"
We will be thinking about what the weather is like at the moment, what season it is and explore all the other types of weather and seasons. We will begin to talk about 'Winter' and how we need to keep ourselves warm in the winter time. We will be reading lots of different books each week to help us learn and we will be introducing lots of lovely new words and vocabulary to help the children describe the weather for themselves. 
Throughout this term we will also be exploring times of the day and days of the week. We will think about what happens during the day and what happens during the night, as well as thinking about what different things we might do on different days of the week. 
We will learn about some different festivals and celebrations that are happening during the term including, Chinese New Year and Shrove Tuesday. 
Reading Books: 
Throughout this term the children will have lots of opportunities to choose a special story book to take home. These books are books that have been specially chosen as high quality stories that we felt would be really valuable for children to share and experience whilst they are in nursery. We will aim to change books at least once a week so that you have plenty of time to read and explore the stories at home. It is really valuable at this age for children to read stories more than once so that they can truly digest the information and be able to re-tell the stories on their own and therefore develop the children's own language and communication skills. 
Getting Messy in Bunny Class: 
While the children are in Bunny Class we do go outside during all weathers, come rain or shine and we do explore in the mud, grass, with paints, chalks and lots more! We do have aprons for the children to wear but the mess can sometimes get onto the children's clothes so please don't wear your best outfits and bring suitable clothing for all types of weather! 
Thank you. 
Mrs Pyke and Mrs Young