Welcome to Bunny Class

Welcome to Bunny Class.
Say Hello to the adults in Bunny Class..
Whilst Mrs Pyke is on maternity leave Mrs Young will lead Bunny Class. She will be in Bunny Class every day and working closely with Mrs Turner to provide a lovely, exciting space for our Bunny children to play, explore and learn lots of new things. 
Mrs Matson is one of our Teaching assistants working in Bunny Class, from Monday - Thursday 
Miss Shell is another Teaching Assistant who will be supporting Bunny Class from Tuesday - Friday. 
Our Topic this term in Bunny Class is: Whatever the Weather! 

We will be thinking about the changes in the weather and the season. We will talk about it being Winter time and next it will be Spring time. We will think about all the different types of weather, which one is our favourite? We will explore what happens during day and night time and will have lots of opportunities to be outside experiencing different types of weather!

Please bring clothes that are suitable for the being both inside and outside – as we try to go out whatever the weather! Also, please wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty or a bit painty, as we do have aprons but sometimes we do get messy!