Bunny Class

Hello Bunny Class! 
It has been great to see all of our wonderful nursery children back in Bunny Class so far this term. We have enjoyed the start of our new term and we have also welcomed some lovely new children into Bunny Class. We have lots of fun things planned over the next few weeks, including the start of our new topic and exploring some lovely new stories. We will also be exploring lots of different festivals and celebrations as we go through the term including; Bonfire Night, Diwali, Remembrance Day and Christmas. 
Our Topic for Autumn Term 2: Being Healthy, Super Strong Me. 
During this term we will be thinking about how to look after ourselves. What do we need to grow strong and healthy. We will think about lots of healthy foods that we can eat, how to get ourselves moving and how physical activity can help us get really strong. We will talk about what we needed as babies to grow strong and what we need now. We will also think about our families and talk about being part of a family. 
We will have a weekly focus on a particular book, which will help to support our overall topic, and also to introduce us into the wonderful world of stories and imagination. 
Some of the books for this term are: 
Although we will have our overall topic in which we will be focusing on throughout the term, we will also be listening and observing the children during their play and if we notice any particular interests that the children have, then we will incorporate this into our weekly planning. 
Equally, if you know that your child has a particularly strong interest in something or if there are any special events coming up at home then please do let us know so that we can put this into our planning as well. 
We are available to discuss anything you may wish to talk about with us, this may well be best via email initially (np@newclose.wilts.sch.uk) and then we can arrange a time to talk further should you wish to. Our main aim for our nursery children is that they feel happy and secure with us while they are in Bunny Class. We also want our children to have fun and enjoy every moment whilst in our care. 
Story Books for home. 
Your child will have the opportunity during each week to choose a story book to take home. We really hope that you will be able to share this at home with your child and that you will have the opportunity to talk about the story at the end and share thoughts and ideas together. Reading and sharing stories is a valuable part of development for nursery age children as this will help to support speech and language skills as well as listening and attention skills.  This also promotes a love of reading that children will hopefully then take with them throughout the rest of their years. 
You will receive a reading race for your child and each day that you share a story together (These can be books from home or school) you can put a date in the circle on the reading race (please also put the date in your child's reading record) Once the reading race is completed, they will receive a prize.