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Term 6
Welcome back- I hope you have all had a lovely holiday.
Term 6 - week 1 learning is now ready for you to access.
Look out for my new assembly (which will be uploaded on Tuesday this week). It will show you some of the fabulous pictures that have been sent of your miniature gardens.
Mrs Kilminster
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Important message for parents of Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6

The Government have now confirmed that the wider opening of schools will begin from 1st June.  Therefore, if your child is in one of the eligible year groups: Nursery, Reception, Year 1 or Year 6 the arrangements sent to you last week will begin, starting with year 6 on Tuesday. In order for your child to return, you should have already informed us via email that this is happening by the end of last week. If you wish your child to return at a later date we need a full weeks’ notice.


We look forward to welcoming your child back to school and have put measures in place to make the environment as safe as possible for both staff and children, these measures have been outlined in my previous two letters. Even though the environment will look different and there will be new rules in place, we will continue to make school as welcoming and nurturing as we can for the children. 

Below is a social story that has been put together by Mrs Graham (SENCO), which you may wish to share with your children before they return to school. It is designed to support children in making adjustments towards ‘The New Normal’. In addition, are copies of the letters which were sent to you before half term.

Mrs Kilminster

Mrs Kilminster's  Assembly
Look out for my assembly- it will be uploaded on Tuesday
Mrs Kilminster's Half Term Challenge
Make a miniature garden. See ideas below
Take a photograph and send it to me in an email- head@newclose.wilts.sch.uk
I will then be asking Mr Porter and Mrs Fielding to choose their favourite 3 to put in the newsletter.
May Half Term Activities
Look at your class pages for some fun activities.
Have a look too at the Pick and Mix activities below too.

You may remember, that before lockdown, we introduced our Reading Races. Children were given a reading race form. Every time they read a book or read with a parent they could colour a section of their reading race. The aim was to complete the reading races as quickly as possible.

The lock down is the perfect time to continue with this. So, with this in mind, if you finish your first reading race- take a photo of it and email it to Miss Elson (he@newclose.wilts.sch.uk). She will send you your first reading race prize and your next reading race.

You can read any book but if you would like to access some other books then this is a good link


The Oxford Owl links directly to our school reading scheme. So children and parents can find books from the correct colour level. Although, you need to register with Oxford Owls these e books are free.      

Happy Reading!                


BBC bitesize programmes

 This week, the BBC have launched a new online programme schedule, to support every year group at home. The schedule came out too late for us to include in our planning for this week. However, you may wish to look at this for extra activities.

 Over the next few weeks, we may begin to include some of the lessons as part of our home learning.

 The idea is the children access a video/programme which teaches them a concept and then there are supporting activities afterwards on the BBC bitesize pages.

Look on the BBC bitesize website for the link to the programmes