Covid Catch Up Plan

Covid Catch Up Plan
 Our strategy at Acorn Education Trust

The Covid-19 has affected children, young people, families and schools in an unprecedented fashion.  Schools have been at the frontline of the response to the pandemic remaining open for children of key workers and the most vulnerable children alongside coordinating remote education for others.  Families and schools have seldom worked so closely together in the best interests of our children and young people.

However, this challenge is far from over and compensating for the interruption to education will be at the forefront of school planning for some time to come.   Undoubtedly a complex situation, schools will be aiming to confront issues around learning as well as well-being.  Moreover, the evidence suggests that the pandemic has served to highlight the impact on students from socio-economically disadvantaged groups who have struggled disproportionately to their peers.

For schools in Acorn Education Trust, we will be acting on available research to create a plan which will meet the needs of all our students moving forwards.   Rooted in a sustained response, our schools will identify objectives to ensure that each child is able to continue their journey through education with the support that they require along the way.  This is in line with our Trust vision of preparing young people for their world in their time.  Never has this been more important.

The government has assigned funding to schools to assist in the “catch-up” following the disruption caused by the pandemic.  The Education Endowment Foundation has provided research-led strategies on how best to support children and young people in their reports “Covid-19 Support Guide for Schools” and “The EEF guide to supporting school planning: a tiered approach to 2021”.  This guidance is underpinned in our strategy.

The following document is a live, ongoing piece of work and will be continuously monitored and updated.  A review process within the Trust will ensure that the money assigned to this project is spent intelligently, fairly and to the benefit of our children and young people.  Each school’s plan will be written by the head and Exec. Head and then agreed by the Head of SEND for the Trust.  The allocation of funding and impact of the plan will be monitored and evaluated by the Standards and Improvement Committee of Directors.