Who are the adults in my class?
  • Mrs Matson

    Teaching Assistant

Who are the adults in our class?

Mrs Kilminster is our class teacher on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Mrs Lisle is our class teacher on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Mrs Matson is our class TA.


How do we celebrate our children’s achievements?

Each week, we celebrate the hard work and efforts of all our children through Friday Celebration Assembly. Teachers identify 3 children who have either made progress towards targets, worked consistently hard or completed an outstanding piece of work to become the ‘star of the week’.

Through our house system, all children, in every class can earn house points which go towards an individual awards certificate. The house that earns the most number of points each term receives a ‘House Reward’.

In addition to earning house points, the children can earn raffle tickets for demonstrating the values of the school. Two names are chosen each week and they can choose a prize from our golden box of goodies.

What are the homework expectations for my child?

In the run up to SATS, homework is given out every Tuesday and is handed in the following Monday. Each week the children will receive either a maths or reading paper to complete. We suggest that your child spends up to one hour on this activity. In addition, they will have either SPAG or maths practice pages to complete.


Your child will be tested on their spellings every Friday. A new set of spellings will go home on the same day for next week’s test.

There are useful links about how to support your child at home in the phonics, reading, writing and maths sections of our website.


What does my child need to bring to school?

Reading book and reading record.

PE Kit

A waterproof coat

A water bottle

Lunch box (if required)

Welly boots (optional – for access to the field on rainy days).