Fox home learning during school closure

Welcome to Term 6 Fox Class
We hope you have had a lovely half term holiday. Welcome back.
We look forward to seeing some of you on Tuesday for our return to school day.  On our class page is all the work you need for this week (Term 6 week 1) so that you have work to do on the days you are not in school.
You must look at the weekly timetable first, which is directly under this, to find out what to do each day.
Remember to email us photos of your work and we look forward to receiving an email from your parents on Friday to tell us how you have got on with your work. You will also receive 5 house points for all your hard work.
Weekly Timetable
Term 6 Week 1
Open the weekly timetable below to find out what you need to do each day.
Well being Activities
Have a look at these daily well being activities
Below you will find your literacy activities for this week.
Make sure you have looked at the timetable (above) first to know what you should be doing on each day.
Watch the video on the link (in the PDF below) then complete the work sheets below and check your answers -good luck!
Other Subjects 
Below are some of the other subjects that you need to look at.
Make sure you have looked at the weekly timetable first to find out what you should be doing and when.

BBC bitesize programmes


This week, the BBC have launched a new online programme schedule, to support every year group at home. The schedule came out too late for us to include in our planning for this week. However, you may wish to look at this for extra activities.

Over the next few weeks, we may begin to include some of the lessons as part of our home learning.

The idea is the children access a video/programme which teaches them a concept and then there are supporting activities afterwards on the BBC bitesize pages.

Click the link below to see the schedule and then find your child's year group. The website to access the page is also on the schedule.


You may remember, that before lockdown, we introduced our Reading Races. Children were given a reading race form. Every time they read a book or read with a parent they could colour a section of their reading race. The aim was to complete the reading races as quickly as possible.

The lock down is the perfect time to continue with this. So, with this in mind, if you finish your first reading race- take a photo of it and email it to Miss Elson ( She will send you your first reading race prize and your next reading race.

You can read any book but if you would like to access some other books then this is a good link

The Oxford Owl links directly to our school reading scheme. So children and parents can find books from the correct colour level. Although, you need to register with Oxford Owls these e books are free.      

Happy Reading!