Fox Class Information

What is it like in Fox Class?

How do we celebrate our children’s achievements?

Each week, we celebrate the hard work and efforts of all our children through Friday Celebration Assembly. Teachers identify children who have either made progress towards targets, worked consistently hard or completed an outstanding piece of work to become the ‘star of the week’.

Through our house system, all children, in every class can earn house points which go towards an individual awards certificate. The house that earns the most number of points each term receives a ‘House Reward’.

A a class reward we have a golden ticket system. Children work during the week to earn golden tickets, showing small examples of our 6 values. Golden tickets are collected until the end of the week when 2 names are pulled at random from the golden ticket box. Those children receive an award.


What do I need to bring to school? 
You will need: a named lunchbox, water bottle, a healthy snack and a waterproof coat. You will not need any other equipment as this will be provided for you. We are really trying to reduce the amount of items being brought into school. 
PE is on Friday.  You need to wear your PE kit to school each time we have PE. 
PE kit: red t-shirt, black shorts/tracksuit bottoms, trainers/daps and New Close jumper/cardigan (no hoodies please as kit will be worn all day). 
Swimming is on a Thursday. Children should bring a bag with swimming costume, towel, goggles (optional). Boys should wear tight fitting trunks not shorts, long hair should be tied back and earrings removed to swim.