Otter Class Lockdown Learning
Good Morning everyone, welcome to our final week of online learning. I am so excited that soon we will all be back in the classroom. 
The week on Thursday it is World Book Day. If we were in school we would normally have been dressing up. If you would like to you can think of a character from a book and come dressed as that character on Thursdays live session. Check out the world book day website for other things that you can do this week to make world book day awesome.
Have a super day and I will see you in the live sessions.

Today's Learning
(Monday 1st March)
Look below for today's activities. Remember that the timings are just a guide. The Maths and English tasks are the priority, History this term is also rather key. If you find you need to have a break at some point in the week please don't feel under pressure to complete everything. Also when we are in school we don't always get everything finished so please don't feel that you always need to complete everything.
Remember to accept your TEAMs invite for your live teaching session each day.
Basic skills
Live teaching session
Spelling and Class Reader
Make sure you email Miss Elson your completed work or photos of your completed work. If you could aim to do this between 3.00-5.00pm. We will be keeping a record for our lockdown house point totals.
Miss Elson - he@newclose.wilts.sch.uk

Session 1-Maths
09.00am - 10.00am
This morning we are looking at adding two or more fractions.
Start off by watching the video and working through the first worksheet. Then depending on how you found it have a go at either the cool or the challenge activity
Remember that you do not need to print off the sheet you can just record the answers in your book. When you have finished mark your work and see if you can correct any mistakes.
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10.00am - 10.20am

Session 2- Live Session
10.20am - 11.30am
This will be your live teaching session. I have split the class into three different groups. Your live session will be about 20min long.
Group 1- 10:20-10:40
Group 2- 10:45-11:05
Group 3- 11:10-11:30
I have sent a teams invite to your Microsoft account for your allocated time slot. Any issues regarding teams do let me know
While the other groups are having there live sessions you will need to complete the basic skills activities for today and log on to timetable rock stars to practice your times tables. 
Basic skills SPaG- Complete the SPaG mat
Basic skills Maths- Complete day one from the maths PowerPoint

Session 3- English
11.30am - 12.20pm
In our live session today we will be looking at how to create a fantastic headline. Use what you have learnt to come up with an amazing and eye catching headline for your newspaper. Then read through the newspaper example below (example text recount newspaper report 1) and identify the key features. You can write them down or underline them in the text.
When you have finished work through the modifying preposition phrases PowerPoint.
12.20pm - 1.00pm

Session 4- History
1.00pm - 2.00pm
In our history lesson today we will be looking at why the Romans were able to defeated the Celts. Watch the video below. At different points in the video I will ask you to complete different tasks for some of these tasks you will need to read the resources below.
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Session 5- Spelling and Reading
2.00pm - 2.45pm
Today you can use 'air writing' to practise your spellings, see picture below for details.
Flamingo Spellings: science, scene, crescent, fascinating, scissors, ascent, scenery, possession, occasion, quarter
Penguin Spellings: knee, know, knock, gnome, knight, gnat, sign, design
When you have finished listen to the next chapter of Romans on the Rampage by Jeremy Strong.
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Mrs Kilminster's celebration assembly
Click on the link below to watch the assembly