Lockdown Online Learning MONDAY

Fox Class Lockdown Learning 1.3.2021
Good morning Fox Class!
Wow! How lovely has it been to have some sunshine?! We hope you have all had a lovely weekend.
Last week of home learning, the final stretch! One last push please!
It is even more important than ever that you complete the timetables activities, we will be continuing our topics for science and history on our return to school so please make sure you have completed the work set so we can continue to move forward in these areas. Please bring any topic work completed into school next week.
See you in the lives!
Best wishes,
Mrs Lisle, Mrs Kilminster and Miss Dixon
Timetable for the week
Timings are a guide. Remember do what you can, when you can. If you need to adjust timings to suit family life then do so. Concentrate on English and Maths activities.

Today's Learning
Look below for today's activities.
 Remember to accept your TEAMS invite for your live teaching session for tomorrow.
 Email your teacher and TA your completed work or photos of your completed work at 3pm. 
Mrs Kilminster: lk@newclose.wilts.sch.uk
Mrs Lisle: ll@newclose.wilts.sch.uk
Miss Dixon: ad@newclose.wilts.sch.uk

Session 1 - Maths

9am- 10am

Today we are going to be looking at calculating the perimeter of rectangles.

Please amke sure you watch the video link before doing the worksheet as there is some really useful information and talk about using different methods in which to do this.

The worksheet is below. As always do your best and good luck!

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Session 2 - History- Ancient Greece

Today we are going to learn all about the political system in Ancient Greece and we are going to compare their system to the system we have in the UK today.

Go through the PowerPoint slides first and then divide your page into 2 to compare the different systems. Look at the image below for how to set this out.

Can you identify any similarities or differences?

11.00am - 11.20am

Session 3 - LIVE Literacy

During this session you will have a 25 minute live teaching session. Make sure you check your email to check what time you need to join this.


When you are not in the live session, you should use this time to complete you daily Basic Skills Activities for English and Maths.


Every day, Basic Skills work will involve:

Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar

Quick Maths

60 Second Read

Times table Rock Stars


You should work your way through each activity on the Basic Skills Activity PowerPoint First and then mark your answers once complete using the Basic Skills Answers PowerPoint. These are attached below.


It is vitally important that we keep these skills ticking over!


You can record your answers for SPAG and Reading in your writing book (Purple)

You can record your Quick Maths in your Blue Maths book.


Handwriting should be in Pen (even if you have not passed your test yet have a go at home!)

Maths should be in pencil, with one digit in each square.


Make sure you are recording your work in the correct books as well as clearly and neatly.

1.00pm- 1.45pm

Session 4 - Literacy After Live Teaching Session

1.45pm - 2.45pm


This session follows on from our live lesson. The aim of today's session is understand and get familiar with another Greek Legend because next week, when we are back in school, we will be writing our own Legend

Today in your live lesson with Mrs Lisle you read The Trojan Horse. 

As a follow up to this lesson, I would like you to create a Story board of the Trojan Horse story. I would also like you to think about how this story is similar or different to Theseus and the Minotaur.

1. Read the Trojan Horse legend again from the PowerPoint below.

2. Use one page of your exercise book. Split it into 8 boxes (see image below). This is going to become your story board.

3. Decide on the 8 main things that happened in the legend, in order. These need to be the most significant things. 

4. For each box you need to write the main event and illustrate it appropriately. You must also colour this when finished.

5. Think about how this legend is different from the Theseus and Minotaur story.


Email it through to Mrs Lisle at the end of the day




Session 5 - Spelling and Reading

2.45- 3pm



This week we will start spellings as we would normally in class.

Below you will find attached the spelling sheet for each spelling group.

Make sure you practice your spellings each day. Why not set a timer and do "speed spell" I will do this too and let you know my score!

On Friday I will record the spellings for each group so that you can hear me say them out so you can do your test.



Find a quiet spot and escape into the world of your book -enjoy!

Mrs Kilminster's Celebration Assembly
Click on the link below to listen to Mrs Kiminster's assembly