Otter Class Homework

While in lock down spellings will be set as normal but please see your classes LOCKDOWN LEARNING page for information on home learning tasks. 
Thank you 


This weeks spellings are:
Flamingos: draft, draught, steal, steel, profit, prophet, cereal, serial, aloud, allowed
Penguins: garden, grandad, jumped, suddenly, stopped, different, more, with
Spelling practice sheets can be found in the link below
Termly Topic Task (optional)
At the end of the term we will be creating an Egyptian Museum and having a dress up day. As you will see from the school newsletter this will be happening on Monday 14th December.
Your 1st task is to make an Egyptian artifact to go in the museum. Remember you will need to create an information sheet to explain to everyone what the artifact is and its purpose in the life of Ancient Egypt.
Your 2nd task is to create a costume for you to wear on our Egyptian dress up day.
To be returned on Monday 14th December
Times Tables: We are changing our times table practice as of this week. The children have today been given a login to Time Table Rock Stars. We have had a go at this is school so they should know what to do. At least twice in the week the children need to login and play some of the times table games on their Rockstar account. 
All children will have a book from our Oxford Tree Reading Scheme. We will be allocating all children a level and book. Children should be heard read at least 5 times a week and a comment should be left in their home/school diaries. We will check these each week.
Your child will have also brought home a book from the class book corner which then wanted to read we encourage you to share these stories with your children as this is very beneficial for their reading progress and will help them learn to read for pleasure.
Your child needs to ensure that they bring their reading books into school everyday.