Otter Class Information

What is it like in Otter Class?
What do I need to bring to school everyday?
You will need:
  • A named lunchbox and water bottle. 
  • A waterproof coat. 
  • Reading books can be brought in a reading folder (Purchase this from reception).  
What other equipment might I need?
On a Tuesday and Thursday Otter class will have PE.
Children will need to come to school on these days in their PE kits. 
  • School jumper or cardigan (no hoodies please)
  • red t-shirt
  • black shorts or jogging bottoms
  • trainers or daps
Forest School 
On a Tuesday and Thursday, Otter class will Forest school in the afternoon. 
They must bring their forest school kit into school with them to change into. 
For forest school they must have: 
  • a long pair of trousers
  • a long sleeved t-shirt
  • socks 
  • wellie boots 
  • a waterproof coat
  • a pair of gloves, hat and a scarf (in the winter)
You will not need any other equipment as this will be provided for you. We are really trying to reduce the amount of items brought into school. We ask that you do not bring anything that is not on the list in.
It is an expectation at New Close that all children in Year 3/4 read, at least, five times a week. A comment should be left in the home/school diaries. They will have this book for a week and will read three times a week in school. We will teach your child to read through decoding, prosody and comprehension, and will record this with a stamp/sticker in their home/school diary. 
We have high expectations of behaviour at New Close. Everything we do is centred around our six values:
Aspire, Positivity, Pride, Resilience, Respect and Responsibility. 
When children do not follow these expectations they will receive consequences. These consequences are outlined in our Good Behaviour Policy. 
We encourage our children to take pride in their appearance and feel that this in turn shows pride in their school. Please support us with this
Children should wear: 
  • a red jumper or cardigan with or without the school logo (No other jumpers or hoodies). 
  • a white polo shirt
  • black/grey trousers or a black/grey skirt
  • a summer dress 
  • black school shoes or boots (Trainers are only to be worn on a PE Day)