Otter home learning during school closure

Hello Otters!
I hope you have all had a lovely half term in the sunshine. I've been busy in my garden keeping all the vegetables watered and tied to their sticks!
This is the beginning of our final term before the summer holidays so let's give our home learning all of our best effort - don't forget to send me photos of what you have been doing and a message about how you are every Friday. There are house points for every Friday update you send me.
The BBC are still running there 'Bitesize' lessons which are really good; check out their schedule below. Here we go with this week's learning....
Mrs Horn
Here is the Maths learning for this week. Click on the links to watch the White Rose videos and have a go at the worksheets. Mark your answers and see if you can work out any mistakes you may have made.

Year 4: print off the worksheets for each day from here;
Year 5 below; don't forget to look at previous year groups for refreshers if you are struggling.
Here are a few more maths challenges for you;
Here is your Literacy for this week.....remember, Monday is the day to keep adding to your diary; what have you heard, felt, done this week?
Make sure you are reading every day. Don't forget your Reading Race challenges - it is fantastic to see the work some of you have been doing on those.
You can read any book but if you would like to access some other books then this is a good link;
The Oxford Owl links directly to our school reading scheme. So children and parents can find books from the correct colour level. You need to register with Oxford Owls, but this is simple and these e books are free. Happy Reading!  
                        Scout says "is it time for lunch yet?"
                                      Yes, it is, Scout! 
Here are your afternoon tasks Otters..
You might like to have a go at these wellbeing journal pages: