Our Nursery

The Staff
We are fortunate in the Early Years Department at New Close to have two qualified teachers leading our Nursery and Reception class.
Mrs Turner is the Early Years Leader and teaches the Reception (Rabbit) class and Mrs Pyke teaches the Nursery (Bunny). They each have years of experience working in Early Years and provide an engaging, exciting setting which encourages curiosity, wonder and an enthusiasm for learning.
Our Early Years Department is supported by a team of experienced teaching assistants.
The Environment
The Reception (Rabbit) and Nursery (Bunny) teaching spaces are both set up in a way that encourages independence and choice. There are some focused, adult-led teaching sessions but we also have the rooms set up to encourage children to play in a planned way. Experienced staff ensure that this play is purposeful and moves the children's learning forward.
In this academic year we are having a shelter built over our outdoor area to enable all year round, all-weather outdoor provision. Each of the classrooms will have access to this shared space. We are also very fortunate to have huge grounds with a big expanse of grass, hedgerow and woodland which we use for the children's learning.