The Science Intent- Why we teach what we teach

 A high-quality science education will help pupils gain a strong understanding of key scientific knowledge and concepts. Teaching should ensure pupils are able to build up a bank of technical terminology, which they can use accurately and precisely. It is important to ensure understanding is not superficial in nature thus delivering lessons that are rigorous in content and skills and allow misconceptions to be quashed. Pupils must also develop enquiry skills to ‘work scientifically’ – these include: pattern seeking, classifying and grouping and comparing data. Science as a subject is cross-curricular in nature and should link closely to the wider curriculum infiltrating into other subjects such as Maths, DT and PE.

At New Close we believe that it is crucial that our children develop a thorough understanding of the key scientific concepts and knowledge. Our curriculum is developed in line with the National Curriculum, and is delivered in a way that is interesting, relevant to our children and links to other areas of learning, wherever possible. Our desire is that students build richly connected knowledge, vocabulary and skills that they can carry forward through their education and their lives.

Our aim is that we inspire our children to become practical and inquisitive in regards to science. We want our pupils to develop the tools to understand key knowledge and master scientific skills. We believe it is crucial that children learn how and why things work. Furthermore, it is important to have a strong understanding of the scientists who have shaped the world yet think ahead the important role Science will play in the future. We want our children to be the next generation of scientists who can be at the cutting edge of future developments.