Topic Subject Intent

History, Geography, Science 

These subjects are used as the topic drivers for each term (years 1-6), with either History, Geography or Science taking the lead. History and Geography are taught every other term and Science is taught every term with some units of work having a more predominant focus. Alongside the lead subject other linked subjects are taught, where appropriate,  to provide a thematic approach.

The curriculum has been designed to enable skills and knowledge for History, Geography and Science to be built on sequentially and repeated systematically. In mapping out the curriculum,  consideration has been given to prior knowledge and skills required between year groups, units of work and subjects. For example in year 5 and 6, in term 1 of the Year B cycle, children complete a Geography unit of work on South America. This puts into context a History unit on The Ancient Maya in term 2 before returning to a Geography unit based on the changing use of the Rainforest and climate change. In term 4, children apply the themes of an ancient civilization by looking at The Ancient Greeks. Children are expected to transfer/recall knowledge and apply skills across these units of work. This intent is replicated in all year groups across the Year A and B cycle.

See below for subject coverage.

Progression of knowledge and skills is mapped out, which forms the core of our units of work and learning objectives. The Rising Stars schemes of work, is used as the basis of our work. This is adapted to ensure it meets the needs of our New Close children and each class that we teach.

See below for knowledge and skill progressions