Postponed Military Move - Information about School Places

3rd April 2020
We are aware that the 1 Yorkshire Regiment's move to Catterick has been postponed. Wiltshire Council states the following:

“All children who are currently on roll at a Wiltshire school will be able to retain their place. I would advise parents to contact their current school directly to inform them that the move has been delayed unless of course, they have already done so.

Applications for places in Reception 2020 entry and YR7 secondary 2020 entry can still be submitted. These will now be classed as late applications.  Parents will need to complete a paper application, as late applications cannot be submitted online.  

The deadline for 2nd round primary applications for Reception 2020 entry is 24 April 2020.

The deadline for 2nd round  Y7 secondary applications for 2020 entry has now passed however, applications can still be submitted.  Please can you encourage all applications for YR7 to be submitted as soon as possible. Decisions on applications will communicated after 30 April 2020.  

Application forms can be downloaded from our website and once completed should be emailed to .   If the parents do not have access to a scanner, they can also take a photograph of the application and email this to us.  Please can you request that all applications are emailed back to us.  Please do not send them back by post.

Please see below link to the Wiltshire council website where all of our applications forms can be found.

All applications for other year groups should also be sent to us as soon as possible using the email address above.  If a parent wishes to transfer from one Wiltshire School to another they will need to complete an in year transfer application form,  which can also be downloaded using the link above.  Please note that whilst in year transfer applications will continue to be processed, if a place is offered, the child will not transfer on to the roll of the new school until schools reopens. 

With regards to your queries about places that have been secured at schools in Catterick , I would recommend that you talk to North Yorkshire County Council to confirm the position.”