Punctuation and Grammar

At New Close we aim for children to acquire a wide vocabulary and an understanding of grammar and knowledge of linguistic conventions for reading, writing and spoken language.


Punctuation and Grammar (PaG) is taught in a range of different ways through the English curriculum. Discreet PaG sessions are taught using our PaG catch up curriculum. This supports teachers to use pre-teach for the different areas of PaG giving them a clear view on what the children should have already covered in previous years and what the learn that happens in the current class will lead to. The curriculum also provides a particular sentence level focus for each week allowing the children to gain breadth in their sentence development, which then links into their writing.


Each day at New Close begins with 'Basic Skills'.  In these sessions children will recap previously taught PaG knowledge and skills allowing them the revisit and reaffirm their understanding. 


PaG is also taught within the daily English lessons, where it is linked in with the expectations of writing for the different genres and levels of progression.


At New Close we really recognise the need for children to have a broad and rich vocabulary as this will support them in all areas of the curriculum not just in English. With this in mind, teacher select rich vocabulary from the whole class reading text to focus on in the reading lesson, and pupils are encouraged to develop their range of vocabulary in writing sessions. The aim of this is to develop children's knowledge of the English language by exposing them to a range of words that they may otherwise not come across.