Rabbit Class Homework

This phonics this week are:
A new phonic sound is taught daily, Monday - Thursday and we use Fridays for consolidation. We have completed all of the sounds in phase 2 and have started on phase 3. We will be practising letter formation, recognition of the sounds, blending the sounds to read words and segmenting words to write them. I have updated the powerpoint (above) so that it includes all of the phase 2 sounds, high frequency words and tricky words. The phase 3 powerpoint is now also at the top of the page. I will add videos to it as we go. We will not be learning new phonics this week, we will be consolidating the phase 3 sounds that we have learnt so far.
The phonics teaching is aimed at Reception children. Nursery children enjoy lots of phase 1 phonics which involves rhyming and alliteration. Please ask for more detail on how to support your child with this if you would like it.
The High Frequency and Tricky Words learnt this week are:
As we progress through the phonic stages children will encounter High Frequency words and 'tricky' words. As we learn these they will be added here for your reference. It is useful for your child if you can go over recognising them to read, but also writing them once they are ready.
The high frequency and tricky words are aimed at Reception children. It is useful if your nursery child can learn to write their name when they are ready. We ask that they learn it with only the first letter as a capital letter. Activities such as cutting and colouring and playdough are also really good for strengthening your child's fingers to aid better pencil grip when they are ready.
High Frequency Words: 
New Tricky Words: he, she, the, to
Words to keep learning: and, the, to, no, go, I, into


All children will have two books from our Oxford Tree Reading Scheme. One book has a fat sticker on it and is a book that they should be able to start reading themselves as it is a phonic book. The other book has a thin sticker on it and is a 'richer reading' book. The richer reading books have more of a story to them and yet are still using some words that the children may be able to read for themselves. As the weeks progress, we will be encouraging your child to change their book for themselves daily. Children should be heard read at least 5 times a week and a comment should be left in their home/school diaries. We will listen to your child each week and check the reading records. We encourage that you share stories with your children as this is very beneficial for their reading progress and will help them learn to read for pleasure. Each time they read with you at home (and an entry is made in their reading record books) please date a circle on the reading race.
For the children in Reception,  all children now have two pink level books. We have selected which phonic books (fat sticker) in the pink level carefully. This is because these books use only the phonics that we have learnt so far.
We are now encouraging the children to blend words. They say the sound for each letter "s", "a", "t" and then stretch the sounds to merge them in to each other (blend them) and hopefully hear the whole word.
This is a skill that children pick up at different rates. Some have already mastered it, others are just beginning to understand it. Please just be reassured that the more they do it with you, the better they will become at it and the more natural it will be. Please email me if you have any concerns with it.
The maths we will be covering this week is:

Repeating Patterns.

This may be patterns of colours, shapes, numbers and the patterns can be quite complex. For example, it can be as simple as:


but it could also be:


We will be making paper chains with repeating patterns.


Any extra messages for Rabbit Class:
Thank you for your support this term. It's been quite a term!
The children have all made immense progress and it is really exciting to see them loving learning so much and being so enthusiastic about coming to school and nursery.
Our numbers have grown over this term, which is absolutely wonderful. We hope the new families have felt welcomed and I shall make time to try and meet with each of you in the new term. As a consequence of the numbers growing your children may have mentioned that we have spent more time separated into nursery and reception groups. This has provided more opportunity for calm and focussed time learning and playing - for both age groups. It has worked really well. Thank you to Mrs Pyke and Mrs Hanney for their flexibility to help make this work. We have started to call the Nursery class 'Bunnies' and the Reception class 'Rabbits' to make a bit more of a distinction.
This last fortnight we have also weathered the storm of Squirrel Class bubble isolating and the Rabbit Class children have adapted really well to changes in the lunch routine. Some of these changes have worked well and on our TD day on Friday, we will review the changes that we may choose to keep in place.
This week is a bit of a different week. Hopefully you have now read the letter informing you that Friday is a TD day. We will also have Christmas lunch on Thursday - even if your child has a packed lunch, our bubble will eat together in the hall to celebrate Christmas. We shall also have some traditional (COVID friendly!) party games on Thursday.
We are going to let the children watch Arthur Christmas (U rated) in small segments over the afternoons. The story is similar to the Harvey Slumfenburger story we've enjoyed this week.
Please bring and Christmas cards in by Tuesday (to allow for quarantine) and we shall hand them out on Thursday. If your child is unsure about names, we suggest blank cards - except for their own name - and we'll ensure they're handed out. I'm afraid we can't give lists of names out.
As always, please check your child's Tapestry updates for individual observations and please know that you can email me at any time if you have any concerns or questions.
If I don't get to see you properly I'd like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas indeed and let's hope that 2021 is a year of hope.
Kind regards,
Mrs Turner