Rabbit Class Information

What is it like in Rabbit Class?

How do we celebrate our children’s achievements?

Each week, we celebrate the hard work and efforts of all our children through Friday Celebration Assembly. Teachers identify 3 children who have either made progress towards targets, worked consistently hard or completed an outstanding piece of work to become the ‘star of the week’.

Through our house system all children, in every class, can earn house points which go towards an individual awards certificate. For every 10 individual house points, the children will receive a certificate. The house that earns the most number of points each term receives a ‘House Reward’.

All children have their photo on a rainbow at the beginning of the day. When children follow our class rules they remain on the rainbow. If they are remembering to be kind, remembering to tidy up and remembering to use walking legs and quiet voices inside they remain on the rainbow. If they do something that is outstanding and kind then they are rewarded with a sunshine. They will come out of school with a small sunshine so that you will know.

What does my child need to bring to school?

Reading books and reading record books should be in school every day.

In cold and wet weather, children need a waterproof coat as we go outside a lot. It is useful if they can keep a pair of named wellies in school as well.

It is helpful if children also have a change of clothes. If your child is still in nappies or potty training please supply all that we need for changing them.

If you are bringing a packed lunch, please also bring your lunch in a named lunch box (NO nuts or products containing nuts) and a drink (not fizzy).
You may also need a healthy snack, although the school do provide fruit.
You will not need any other equipment as this will be provided for you. We are trying to reduce the amount of items being brought into school.
Our PE lessons are on Fridays, but it useful to keep you PE kit in school. PE kit is: red t-shirt with logo, black shorts/tracksuit bottoms, trainers/daps and New Close jumper/cardigan. Please note that earrings can't be worn during PE, so please ensure that children don't have them in on a Friday.