Reading at home

It is expected that EVERY child reads at home. This should be as frequently as possible (ideally every day). For our more confident readers, this may be reading to themselves but with discussion to an adult. For our younger readers we encourage you to hear them read their phonic book and share their richer reading book. Making a comment in your child's reading record book helps to develop the link between school and home and highlight progress or concerns that you might have.

When your child reads, please ask them questions to ensure they are understanding what they are reading and not just the recall of words. It is important that children foster a love of reading and not see it as a chore. As well as listening to your children read it is important to model good reading habits to them by reading yourself and reading to your children too.

To find good quality books to share with your children, please check out these websites:

Pie Corbett Reading Spine

Books for Topics


Below are some useful documents that are available to help your child with their reading.