Welcome to Squirrel Class

Who are the adults in my class?
  • Miss Smith

    Class Teacher


    Miss Smith main role is teaching Year 1 and 2 in Squirrel Class.
    She loves chocolate, Maths and laughing!

    Miss Smith is also the Computing and PE subject leader at New Close.

  • Mrs Brunning

    Teaching Assistant

    Mrs Brunning is Squirrel Class' main teaching assistant. She will be in class each day to support the learning of all the children.
    Mrs Brunning is very creative. Squirrel Class will have fantastic arts and crafts lessons with Mrs Brunning around!

Other adults I may see and be supported by:
  • Mrs Turner

    EYFS Teacher

    Mrs Turner leads Early Years and KS1 at New Close and manages both Nursery and Reception, and oversees Year 1 and 2.
    Her main role is teaching the Reception (Rabbits) class.
    Mrs Turner will at times be teaching and supporting children in Squirrel Class.

  • Mrs Matson

    Teaching Assistant

    Mrs Matson is also a teaching assistant who works across Reception and Year 1/2. She works Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday.

  • Mrs Hanney

    Teaching Assistant

    Mrs Hanney is the one of the Teaching Assistants who works across Nursery and Reception. She will be in school Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
    Many children in Squirrel Class may also be support by Mrs Hanney.