The Impact- How we know what has been learnt

At New Close we are be eager to ensure children are making progress with their learning throughout their Jigsaw experience. Therefore, each Piece (lesson) has a formative assessment activity that children can use to self/peer assess their understanding in that lesson. 
Younger children colour in or tick the Jigsaw Friend (thumb up, thumb down, thumb neutral) which corresponds to their personal assessment for the purple and green learning intention for that Piece (lesson). For ages 6-7 there is also a comments box that can be used for setting formative targets or for children’s general TINT (to improve next time) about the Piece (lesson).
My Jigsaw Journey tasks for the older children follow the same approach with students ticking or colouring the appropriate box for each learning intention in a Piece (lesson). There is also a box for them to record if they were absent for a particular lesson, and a TINT (to improve next time) to record formative targets or comments.