The Implementation - How we teach what we teach.

Pupils participate in regular Computing and E-Safety lessons in order to achieve the intent of the Computing and E-Safety curriculum at New Close Primary School. In addition to stand alone lessons, these elements are regularly incorporated into other subjects, given the cross-curricular nature of computing and the opportunities to expand and develop lessons that its inclusion provides. 

The delivery of Computing and E-Safety at New Close Primary School is planned in line with the national curriculum and allows for clear progression, with lessons designed to enable pupils to achieve the subject objectives. The computing national curriculum has further been broken down in to progressive skills for each year group to follow. 

When teaching Computing and E-Safety as discrete lessons, staff are able to use resources and schemes of work designed to achieve the stated objectives within the Computing and E-Safety Curriculum. Staff have access to the Rising Stars Curriculum which has been carefully adapted to suit our progression of skills.  

New Close Primary School recognises the need to continually maintain, update and develop its resources and to make progress towards a consistent, compatible system by investing in resources that will effectively deliver the strands of the national curriculum and support the use of Computing across the school. This includes:

  • Interactive whiteboards with sound in every classroom.
  • Class sets of laptops, available for use throughout the school.
  • 32 lap tops that can be accessed by class groups or used flexibly across the school for children with SEN.
  • Early Years also have laptops as part of their continuous provision.
  • A set of Beebot devices for programming activities. 

Lessons are planned to provide for and include all children, including those with SEND, higher achieving / gifted and talented pupils, pupils with EAL needs and pupils from all social and cultural backgrounds. 

See our Computing Overviews below.