The Reading Impact - How we know what has been learnt

The impact and measure of our reading curriculum at New Close is to ensure not only that children reach the age related expectations set out by the English National Curriculum, but also to equip them with skills that support progress from their starting points, and within their everyday lives.
Assessment for reading is a continual process in which teachers use their assessments, linked to the statements on the reading progression document for the specific year group, to inform intervention and next steps in learning. We also use NFER Tests to ensure that children are making the expected progress. Pupil Progress Meetings are held regularly and teachers are held to account for the reading progress of the children in their class.
Essential Characteristics of Reader
- A love of reading.
- Excellent phonic knowledge and skills.
- Fluency and accuracy in reading across a wide range of contexts and genres.
- Knowledge of an extensive and rich vocabulary.
- An excellent comprehension of texts.
- A good understanding and use of VIPERS (Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explanation, Retrieval, Sequence/ Summarise)
- The motivation to read for both study and for pleasure.