The Writing Impact - How we know what has been learnt

The impact and measure of our writing curriculum at New Close is to ensure not only that children reach the age related expectations set out by the English National Curriculum, but also to develop children into writers.

We assess children using our writing assessment grids, which link to the writing progression documents, three times a year. This is used to inform teacher planning, interventions and next steps in learning. Pupil Progress Meetings are held regularly and teachers are held to account for the reading progress of the children in their class.

Essential characteristic of a writer:

-The ability to write fluently and with interesting detail on a number of topics throughout the curriculum.

- A vivid imagination which makes readers engage with and enjoy their writing.

- A highly developed vocabulary and an excellent knowledge of writing techniques to extend details or description.

- Well-organised and structured writing, which includes a variety of sentence structures.

- Excellent transcription skills that ensure their writing is well presented and punctuated, spelt correctly and neat.

- A love of writing in all its forms.