The Writing Implementation - How we teach what we teach

At New Close Primary school writing happens through many different subjects and genres, detailed in our genre coverage document. The genres and subjects are closely linked with the topic focus for that term. This allows for a wide range of cross curricular writing and writing for purpose to occur. Teachers use the genre progression document and the writing progression documents to support progression in skills and knowledge throughout these genres.

Throughout KS1 and KS2, teachers expose the children to a variety of different lessons during a 2/3-week block of writing following the Trust Writing Framework. These session are linked to the writing progression documents that detail the different skills and knowledge expectations for each key stage. These lessons may include: analysing texts, discussing features, creating word banks, planning, drafting and editing. At the end of a writing block, the children have the opportunity to make any final improvements and present their work to the highest possible standard. This also gives a chance to the teacher to assess the child's writing. 

Attention is paid throughout the school to the formal structures of English, grammatical detail, punctuation and spelling. To support our teaching of writing, staff refer to Pie Corbett’s strategies (Talk for Writing) - which is predominantly used in KS1. Teachers teach and model writing skills and the use of phonics, spelling, punctuation and grammar strategies in literacy sessions. Shared writing, editing and guided writing sessions are used to target specific needs of the class, groups and individuals. 

Teachers at New Close build their writing lessons around the class reader and the topic focus. This develops the overarching theme of the term giving children a more in-depth view on the geography or history lead subject focus. Teachers also aim to use this link to develop children's understanding of audience and to give them a sense of purpose for writing - a fundamental part of being a successful writer. 

Children have the opportunity to improve their writing using green editing pens, this may be independent editing or guided by the teacher. Children also assess their own writing against the success criteria for that session.