This Term in Reception

Mrs Turner & Miss Bishop's Message for the week:
This term's topic is all about A TICKET TO RIDE! This topic will give us the opportunity to explore themes related to transport such as travelling on foot, road and rail, over water, in the air and to space. We will discuss how we travel to school and design our very own vehicles! We will spend a lot of this term outside so lets make sure we have our wellies and coats at the ready!  If you have any pictures of the children travelling that you are happy to share, it would be lovely for the children to bring them in as a discussion point this term. 

This week we will be looking at how we travel over (or under!) water. Mr. Gumpy lives by a river. One sunny day he decides to take a ride in his small boat.
It is such a perfect idea, for such a perfect summer day, that he soon has company: first the children, then the rabbit, the cat, the dog, the pig, the sheep, the chickens, and still others until-- Mr. Gumpy's outing comes to an inevitable but not unhappy, conclusion.
"Come for a ride another day," says Mr. Gumpy at the book's end.

This term, we will be starting our Phase 4 in phonics - as well as plugging any phase 2 and 3 gaps with focused precision teaching. We would urge you all to look at this link PHONIC TEACHING as it will help you to understand how we are teaching your child phonics. It has short videos to help too. 
Please do always get in touch with us if you have any questions or worries. Emailing is probably the easiest as then we can respond with a phone call or arrange a meeting. It is sometimes difficult to talk quietly at drop off an pick off. If you have something more urgent, please ring the school office.
All the best,
Mrs Charis Turner and Miss Emma Bishop 
Our Topic 
Our topic this term is around the theme of 'A TICKET TO RIDE!'. Some of the stories  that we will cover are:
  • On the way home

  • The Train Ride

  • Mrs Armitage's Bicycle

  • The Naughty Bus
  • You can't take an elephant on the bus

  • The Snail and the Whale

  • Mr Grumpy's Outing 

  • The Way Back Home

  • Jeffers

  • Bob, man on the moon

  • Beegu

  • Whatever Next

The children's learning will be delivered through adult led activities and play with a story book as a focus for learning each week. We will update the website page on a weekly basis to make you aware of our focus.

Phonics this Term:
As a school we now use a new Phonics scheme. It is called Letters and Sounds Revised and is produced by Little Wandle. This is really exciting for us and we are sure this will be really significant for our teaching of reading. This term I am going to produce a short online presentation for you to understand the way in which we teach phonics and early reading. Hopefully we'll also be able to invite you in to a workshop in person (COVID restrictions allowing). Please do look at this website and the resources below to support your child at home.
We have assessed your child's phonic understanding so far and are going to be giving them a new decodable book which exactly matches their developing phonic knowledge. They will also have a 'reading together'  book which is for you to read and share with them. We are excited that we have ordered brand new books. 
Children will get a new decodable book this week (providing they have their current decodable book in school), children should be heard read at home at least 5 times a week and a comment should be left in their home/school diaries. We will teach your child to read and will record this with a stamp in the reading records. As long as we have enough staff, the aim is for us to hear your child read the same decodable book 3 times in school. The decodable book will then be changed again next week. We encourage that you share stories with your children as this is very beneficial for their reading progress and will help them learn to read for pleasure. You will also receive a reading race and each day they read with you at home (and an entry is made in their reading record books) please date a circle on the reading race. Please only one circle per day! Once a race is completed, they will receive a prize.
Maths - 

White Rose Focus: Spatial Reasoning

Matching & rotating shapes: This week the children will have regular opportunities to complete jigsaws and shape puzzles. They will be able to select and rotate shapes to fill a given space. We will encourage them to explain why they chose a particular shape and why a different shape wouldn’t fit. We will provide opportunities for the children to match arrangmentes of shapes, prompting them to use positional language and to describe where the shapes are in relation to one another. We will be asking the children to select shapes to complete picture boards or tangram outlines.