We encourage all of our children to dress smartly  in our school uniform  which is listed below:




Black \ grey school trousers, skirt or pinafore

White shirt (plain or with school logo)

Red school sweatshirt or cardigan (plain or with school logo)




Black \ grey school trousers, shorts or red and white school dress (checked or striped)

White polo shirt (plain or with school logo)




Sensible brown or black school shoes with low heels in the winter, not boots. If boots are worn to and from school, children must change into sensible indoor school shoes upon arrival.

In the summer, children can wear either their standard school shoes or sandals. If sandals are worn, they must have closed toes. They can be blue, brown, black, red or white in colour. Trainers or daps are only allowed to be worn for PE lessons.


PE Kit


Black shorts. Red t-shirt (with school logo or plain red). Plimsolls or Trainers. Football boots (studded for year 3 upwards), red football socks, shin pads for autumn & spring terms.

Black tracksuit bottoms are permitted in cold weather.


Please mark ALL your child’s clothing, including shoes and watches, clearly with his\her name. 


Where to buy: School sweaters and cardigans may be purchased from Scholars in Warminster (01985 847757) or similar items without the school logo can be bought from any retailer of your choice; school book bags can be purchased from the school office.


In addition, we offer the opportunity to purchase second hand items please speak to the school office or look out for our regular second hand sale events.


Hair: We ask that children have their hair tied back if it is beyond shoulder length. We also request that children do not have extreme haircuts.


Jewellery: On health and safety grounds, we do not allow children to wear jewellery in our school. The exceptions to this rule are earring studs in pierced ears (maximum of one per ear), watches and small objects of religious significance.


Make up: Children are not allowed to wear make up, including nail varnish.