Weekly Information

We've been learning so much in Rabbit Class!
This week we are continuing our topic called 'Where in the World?'. We will be learning where we live and how it compares to other parts of the world. We will be looking at weather, culture, food, transport and different landscapes. We will look at the different continents and countries on world maps, find them on Google Earth, learn about how long it would take to get there. We will look at their weather and the impact that has on what grows there and what food is enjoyed in the different countries. We shall try some fruits that we may not have tried before and we shall look at the ways of life of people who live in these parts of the world. The children shall also make pretend passports and we shall imagine trips to these places. We hope to have a trip to Warminster park on a cloudy sunny day to enjoy a picnic in the sun and reflect on our year in Rabbit Class.
The children will start having reading races in their book folders. These need to be in school every day. Please don't write on them. Every Thursday we will give your child a stamp for each day they have read at home that week (we will determine this by the recordings in their home school record books). Please do listen to your child read, preferably every night, and record it in their home school record books so that they can progress on their reading races.
Many thanks.
This week in Rabbit Class
This term we will be continuing the phonics teaching. We are now teaching phase 4 of phonics which is really exciting as the children begin to apply it to their reading and writing. At the end of each week your child is coming home with a sheet to share their learning with you. It is important to practise oral blending, reading words and tricky words with your child - as well as the sounds. All of the information you need to support you in doing this is on the the little wandle website. However, please ask if you need any additional support. 
Writing Focus
Children will learn how to use our mark making area to draw pictures and show us what they can do in their learning journey so far. The children are practising forming their letters correctly using the Little Wandle jingles to support them.
Maths Focus
We will be continuing with our maths learning this week.  Please see the slides below to give you some ideas of how you can support your child at home and the sorts of things we'll be doing in school.
Class Books this week
What can I do at home?
  • Talk to your child about their day (they may be tired, so may not share, but they might want to tell you all about it.
  • Share books with your child.
  • Involve number in every day events - counting steps, laying the table etc.