Welcome to Bunny Class

Welcome to Bunny Class.
Say Hello to the adults in Bunny Class..
We are welcoming Mrs Charlie Baxter to New Close, she is going to lead Bunny Class. She will be in Bunny Class every day and working closely with Mrs Turner to provide a lovely, exciting space for our Bunny children to play, explore and learn lots of new things. 
Miss Shell will be working as the Teaching Assistant who will be supporting Bunny Class from this term too. 
Our Topic this term in Bunny Class is: When I Grow Up - Being me in my World!

This term we will be thinking about people who can help us. We will be preparing for transitioning to the next stage, whether that is being one of the eldest in Nursery or getting ready to go to school. We will be exploring our local environment and learning about what’s beyond it. We will be encouraging lots of speaking and listening and developing of language to get them ready for the next exciting stages.