Woodpecker home learning during school closure

Hello Woodpeckers,
Welcome back, I hope you have had a lovely half term, I have definitely been enjoying the wonderful weather. 
Hopeful you are ready to get back into your online learning. This term we are starting the topic Ingenious Inventors so the first week is all about different inventors throughout history.
Start as always by looking at the weekly activities sheets, see below. 
On Fridays I would like you or your grown ups to email me with a quick overview of the work that you have done in the week. This will help me to know what to set next week. 
If you have any questions, problems or to show me some of the learning you are doing (which I would absolutely love to see, I do miss working with you all) please do email me: he@newclose.wilts.sch.uk 
Stay safe,
Enjoy your week
Miss Elson
Literacy activities
The activities are detailed on the 'weekly activities' sheet and listed below:

This term we are starting to look at Ingenious Inventors. The first question we need to ask is ‘What is an Inventor?’

Start by creating a mind map to show what skill you think are needed by an inventor. Then watch Monday's video link.

When you have watched the clip make an advert for an inventor, you need to write the advert but you could make it into a video too. Make sure you use a range of different openers and conjunctions, give detail about the skills your inventor will need. With an adult go through and correct your spelling and punctuation.


One of our most well known local inventors is Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Watch the power point. Use the information that you have seen to answer the comprehension questions (write your answers in full sentences).

Use the information that you have found to create a fact file about Isambard Kingdom Brunel. There is a writing frame to help you if you need it.


Start by watching Wednesday's video link.

Write five questions that you would like to ask Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Now imagine you are Brunel. Write a paragraph to answer each question. Remember a paragraph should have at least four sentences. Include as many facts as you can.

If you like you could do this verbally first. Dress up like Brunel then get your mum or dad to ask you the questions, add detail to your answers.


By now you should know quite a lot about Brunel. Use what you know to write about him using the ‘significant individual sheet as a writing frame’.


Today we are going to look at editing

Have a go at the ‘fix the sentence’ power-point.

Use what you have learnt to have a go at the popping punctuation worksheet.

Look back at your writing from Wednesday and Thursday, edit your work so the punctuation is correct. Get an adult to check your work.

Reading Activities

It is the last week of our Harry Potter Book. There are two chapters this week, there is a bit of book two on the audio link as well is you watched to give yourself a tasted. Next week we will start a new book. Use the link below to listen to a bit of Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone each day. If you have a copy of the book follow along in the text.

Remember to keep racing on the reading races.

You can read any book but if you would like to access some other books then this is a good link


The Oxford Owl links directly to our school reading scheme. So children and parents can find books from the correct colour level. Although, you need to register with Oxford Owls these e books are free.      

Happy Reading!   

Maths Activities
Please click the website link to watch the teaching video for each daily activity on the website then find the maths activity below. Mark your work using the answer sheets below. For Year three each day I have added an online game for you to have a go at.
Afternoon Activities 
History 1: Use the activity sheet to research and match the different inventor with their inventions. Find the different statistics about the inventors and create a set of ingenious inventor top trumps using the writing frame. Play using your top trump cards.

History 2: Order the Victorian invention timeline use the information complete the Victorian inventions sheet

Science: Slippery Slope Activity. You can take this as far as you link depending how into it the children get. Make sure your record what you find out.

ICT: Watch the significant people in computing power point. Use the different inventors to create more top trumps cards to add into you set. Play your inventors top trumps game.

Art: Watch the tonal shading power point then have a go at some of the different activity sheets linked to tonal shading. You could also go out and use some of the techniques you have learned to draw what you can see around you.

BBC bitesize programmes

BBC are still doing their learning programs, this term I have not linked them in as much as last term but you are still very welcome to use the programs to aid your learning.

The idea is the children access a video/programme which teaches them a concept and then there are supporting activities afterwards on the BBC bite-size pages.

Click the link below to see the schedule and then find your child's year group. The website to access the page is also on the schedule.