Part of our responsibility as a school to keep all children safe and to promote their welfare, is to ensure that children have the knowledge and understanding to take an active role in this for themselves. We therefore deliver a comprehensive Safeguarding curriculum that ensures all children have the skills and information they need in order to enable themselves to achieve and flourish as they should, and importantly know when and how they can ask others for help.

Our curriculum is organised as a progression, such that children re-visit and build on prior learning in a way that is sequential and cumulative, and importantly age-appropriate.

Our Safeguarding curriculum is delivered in a cross-curricular approach. Much content is delivered through our PHSE and RSE curriculum but aspects are covered in a wide variety of other subjects and through events and activities organised by the school. 

Please see the document ‘New Close Safeguarding Curriculum’ for details of our provision.

Click here to see our Safeguarding, PHSE and RSE Long Term Plans

British Values Curriculum 

Safeguarding in practice at New Close